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It all started at NASA when scientists discovered plants that grew in space without water and oxygen and all thanks to innovative technologies that combine "infrared" and "light healing" technology.
NASA identified the shocking discovery and immediately filed a patent on it, which is backed by the US FDA.
WELLNESS TECHNOLOGY's research laboratory engineers, combined with experts in the development of home appliances, have developed for us a collection of professional home appliances based on these technologies while human engineering that makes life easier and more beautiful for us.
What is it really about and what do the studies say about the technologies? The winning combination of the two technologies allows penetration of up to 5 micro millimeters into the skin to the inner and important inner layer.
The cells in our body are renewed every 28 days, each cell breaks down and becomes two new cells: the "miraculous order" of the wise creation. However over the years the cells become weak and sick, the cell regenerates every 120 days instead of 28 days making it a violent cell that attacks other cells. The environmental damage permeates the rest of the systems !!!! Collagen cells and fibroplastic cells are produced in the dermis and released into the epidermis and hypodermis.
For general education Collagen cell production decreases from the age of 25.
The devices of WELLNESS TECHNOLOGY by TODDA are based on these technologies and in addition work on vibrating vibration heating and freezing of the treated area. The technologies, in case you were wondering, are Light Therapy and Infra red technology that are known all over the world mainly in professional devices in clinics, and are now also available for home use of the highest quality.
The use of technologies helps to achieve those desirable collagen and elastin indices, which are so necessary to achieve good results at the end of the process. In a 12-month study published at Harvard University in the US, 90% of participants reported an improvement in their facial skin condition as a result of using technologies. The US FDA has recognized technologies as a CLASS II home medical standard and is recommended by dermatologists.

Proven Benefits Clinical Studies

  • Stimulates blood circulation and the flow of oxygen, red blood cells, vitamins and minerals to the patient's area.
  • Increasing collagen cell production by a minimum of 12 percent according to clinical studies.
  • Rejuvenation and revitalization of skin cells.
  • Improving texture and lightening dark circles in the skin.
  • Treating the ugly signs of aging. Signs caused by loss of collagen elasticity.
  • High-vibration massage helps to revitalize the skin, relieve fatigue, help the skin remove toxins.
  • The use of technologies is designed to reduce the presence of wrinkles, pigments and fatigue.
  • Toning and firming the facial skin by strengthening the facial muscle. (The face does not do sports).
  • LED teraphy technology is designed to spread moderate heat into your skin using thousands of tiny rays known as microthermal treatment areas for healthy skin.
  • LED light therapy (light emitting diode) is a pigmentation treatment which utilizes the healing effects of light to cure problems with pigmentation on the face and body.
  • Lightening of dark spots and pigments (uniformity of skin texture).
    Assisting in the production of cells responsible for tightening and stretching the skin.
  • Improving the texture / texture of the facial skin and closing the pores.
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